CyberCenter – Student Engagement

Walsh strives to enable students involved with the Walsh CyberCenter and all Walsh ITDS programs excellent opportunities to collaborate with each other and industry partners. The Walsh CyberCenter promotes and enables student engagement through three primary approaches:

Student Success Sessions – Walsh faculty and staff offer semester meetings to assist in scheduling, career preparation, course issues and any other topic students need assistance and guidance with. Walsh Career Services, advising and faculty all attend to assist student for their success.

IT Cyber Connections – Walsh Career Services and the Walsh CyberCenter collaborate to create a networking event for students and industry organizations to meet. With many introverts in technology programs, IT Cyber Connections provides a smaller version of a career fair, tailored to IT and Cybersecurity jobs for students preparing for careers in those industries.

Information Technology Student Association – ITSA provides collaboration events, industry events and fun technology events for students interested in additional engagement. ITSA is student lead, meeting the needs of the currently enrolled student base.

Cybersecurity Competitions – Students interested in participating in cybersecurity competitions are encouraged to consider the following options: